Whey Protein Isolate. Effect,side-effect,how to use proper

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It is the article about Whey Protein Isolate

What does whey protein Isolate—Whey Protein come in three form

1. Whey Concentrate which is 75% filter and whey concentrate also have some lactose

2.Whey Isolate which is 85%  filter. its come after a filtration of whey concentrate which does not have any lactose

3.Whey Hydro/Peptide which is 95% filter 

The difference between the three kinds of Whey Protein—

Whey Concentrate cheap in price and absorb in the body 80% fast,

then talk about Whey Isolate which is little more expensive, absorb in the body 90% fast

and finally, whey hydro/peptide which is expensive and absorbs body faster

In 1 scoop of whey protein isolate you get about 25g protein

How to use—use whey protein isolate two times in a day one scoop at a time and after workout within 30min takes another 1.5 scoops…if you are overweight then take it with water but it your weight is normal then you can take it with milk.

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