Upper body workout: full upper body exercise list

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in this article, I am going to describe full upper body workout list with their joint movement and target muscle

At first, understand full upper body workout need those people who are beginner level

because their recovery time was small and they can easily attempt 2-3 day full upper body

exercise.. in fact, it is the best process for a beginner

upper body workout

No 1. dumbbell flat bench press

Target Muscle–sternocostal head(lower chest), and also get train anterior deltoid

Action At Joint—Shoulder horizontal adduction

After that, No 2 for middle deltoid

Machine Lateral Raise

Target Muscle—Middle Deltoid and supraspinatus

Action at Joint–Shoulder abduction

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After that, No 3 for upper trapezius

Dumbbell shrugs-

Target muscle–Upper fiber of trapezius and levator scapula

Action At Joint-Shoulder Elevation(upward movement)

After that, No 4. For Back

Lat Pulldown–(narrow grip and wide grip)

Target Muscle—latissimus Dorsai and Teres Major

Joint Action—shoulder extension and elbow flexion in the narrow grip

on other hands, in wide grip shoulder adduction and elbow flexion

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After that, No 5 for biceps and forearms

Biceps Dumbbell curl with supination—-

Target Muscle–All muscle of elbow flexor

Joint Action—Elbow flexion

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After that, No 6 for tricep

Cable push down

Target muscle–all triceps muscle

Action at Joint—Shoulder flexion and elbow extension

Similarly, the last one is for Abs No 7.


Target Muscle—Rectus Abdominal group of muscle

Action at Joint-Spine flexion

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