Shoulder Workout: Top 6 SHOULDER WORKOUT

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 In this article, I am going to give you all the details about top 6 shoulder workout that you need

On the internet, there was lots of shoulder workout but hare we give you not

only workout but also the target muscle with joint action involved in the movement

musculosketal strength

No 1. For anterior Deltoid

Barbell/dumbbell push press—-

Target Muscle–Only Anterior deltoid

Joint Action-Shoulder vertical abduction, elbow extension, knee extension, hip extension

on other hands, No 2 is also for Anterior Deltoid

Push Press Jurk

Target Muscle-Anterior Deltoid

Joint Action—Shoulder verticle abduction, elbow extension, knee extension, hip extension

One thing Remember in this two exercise we do not only for anterior deltoid

Actually anterior deltoid train during chest press exercise,However This two exercise we for

extreme fuctionality…its mean its movement get help in our daily activity in life also in sports

Like-throughing some thing upword in sport like busket-ball

After that, No 3 is for middle deltoid

Lateral Raise–(dumbble/cable)—

Target Muscle—Middle Deltoid, Supraspinatus( it is the muscle of shoulder rotator cuff the

inner muscle of shoulder which lies in below the middle deltoid)

Joint Action—Shoulder abduction

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After that, No 4 is for posterior Deltoid–

Prone High Row—

Target Muscle— Only Posterior Deltoid

Joint Action—Shoulder horizontal Abduction,Elbow flexion

After that, No 5 is also for posterior deltoid

Reverse Pec-dec—-

Target Muscle–Same posterior Deltoid

Joint Action—Shoulder horizontal abduction, Elbow flexion

After that the last one is No 6.

External Rotation—-

Target muscle–total rotator cuff

Joint action– shoulder external rotation

above all one thing remember the external rotation exercise you just attempt 15-18 reps

with lightweight not take it to failure

In other words, the rotator cuff need much more time to heal

Therefore only 2 set in a week

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Above all check the video– shoulder workouts