Oil Change: Should we rotate Oils every few month?

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It is the Article about the Topic Of Oil Change

  • No. Rotating oils are not necessary. If a person wants to rotate oils, he/she must rotate between oils providing the same type of fats.
  • Each Oil supplies mainly one or two types of fatty acids, For Example- sunflower oil supplies mainly omega-6 fats, olive oil supplies mainly MUFA, whereas groundnut oil supplies both MUFA and omega-6 fats.
  • our body is always getting saturated fats from animal foods and omega-6 fats from plant foods.
  • So the body always needs an additional supply of MUFA and omega-3 from the oil and/or supplement.
  • Thus, rotating oils is not required. The body simply needs a MUFA-based oil all the time; along with an omega-3