low carb diet

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It is The Article About The topic of low carb diet


what is low carb diet—it is just the quantity in your daily diet plan

Example—your body weight is 60 kg. so base on this weight you have to consume 120g protein, saturated fat 50-60g

and carb quantity was low 20-30g.

Why we take low carb diet—Because of your maximum body fat percentage depend on your carb quantity. if the carb quantity low your body fat percentage automatically goes down

Why does more Carb mean more fat?

because in your body carb spike insulin more than saturated fat and protein. and insulin main function is established the blood sugar level. when we eat the carb-insulin spike fast and that glucose come from carb insulin transfer then fast to adipose tissues to stabilize the blood sugar level.

Type of Carb—mainly two type a)simple


a)Simple—simple carb also are two type 1. fast absorb like banana and 2. slow absorb like apple

b)complex—complex carb also two type 1. slow absorb like oats and 2. fast absorb like kachori


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