Leg Workouts:Top 7 LEG WORKOUT[Full guide]

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Top 7 Leg workouts

In this article, we talk about the top 6 leg workout and their joint movements

on other hands, we also talk about the muscle involved in each movement

Leg Workouts

In the top 7 leg workouts list

No 1. Squat (back squat, front squat, overhead squat) However it is the best leg workouts

Action At Joint-–Knee Extension and Hip Extension

Working Muscle—knee Extension done by Quadriceps Muscle and

Hip Extension has done by Gluteus Maximus and assists by Hamstring Muscle

After that, next leg workouts

No 2. Lunges

Action At Joint—Knee Extension And Hip Extension

Working Muscle—Knee Extension has done by Quadriceps Muscle And Hip Extension

done byMaximuss MAximus and assist by Hamstring Muscle

and in this exercise, one more extra thing happened is Pelvis stabilization

which was done by Gluteus medius and minimus

After that,

No 3. Step Up–

Action At Joint—Knee Extension and Hip Extension

Working Muscle–Knee Extension has done by Quadriceps and Hip Extension

done by Gluteus maximus and assist by hamstring muscle and also pelvis

stabilization was done by gluteus medius and minimus

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After That,

No 4. Leg Curl—Only For Hamstring Muscle

Action At Joint-–Knee Flexion

Working Muscle-—Hamstring Muscle

After that,

No 5. Straight Leg Calf Raise

Action At Joint—Planter Flexion

Working Muscle—Gastrocnemius, and soleus muscle

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After That,

No 6. Seated Calf Raise

Action At Joint—Planter Flexion

Working Muscle—-Soleus muscle

After That,

No 7. Toe Raise-—-

Action At Joint–Dorsi Flexion

Working Muscle—Tibialis Anterior

Now let’s talk about legs muscle

In quadriceps, there are four muscle

Rectus Femoris, Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Medialis, Vastus Intermediate

on other hands, in Hamstring there are also 4 muscle

Biceps femoris long head, biceps femoris short head, Semi Tendinosis

and Semi Membranosus

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