keto diet: Fast Fat loss diet plan ever

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It is the article about the best fat loss diet plan Keto Diet

Basically, it is a diet plan which contains Medium protein high fat(saturated) and zero carbohydrate

As an Example–suppose protein 100g then fat should be the double of protein 200g and carbohydrate zero

To understand at first have to know that 4 things 1. glucose store in sell as a triglycerides

                                                                                          2.when we eat carbohydrate to blood sugar level spike suddenly and body release insulin to stabilize the blood sugar level

                                                                                          3. Whenever we eat zero carbohydrates the opposite reaction happens the blood sugar level goes down the body release glycogen to stabilize the blood sugar level.

                                                                                         4. In Fat Cell 90% are triglycerides

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how keto diet work

Carbs Intake(Zero)———->Blood Sugar Down————>Glycogen attack fat cell—————->in fat cell tri-glycerides broke and give 1 glycogen+3 fatty acid———->

then they come in the liver the glycogen direct convert into glucose ATP and the 3 fatty acid form keto ATP with the help of saturated fat which has to consume this is the reason why in keto diet fat quantity is high

Basic food in keto diet




 Importance Rules in keto diet

 At keto diet first, start with low carbohydrate 4-5days then stop carbs totally…Because of Brain, RBC, Liver need some time to adaption in keto glucose

Benefits Of Keto Diet—-

1. Blood Sugar level maintained whole life

2.Continuous Fat Loss

3. Muscle is Preserved

4.Good For the Overall Neurological well being

5. Most metabolic Problems start with fluctuating Blood Sugar