Keto Diet: Best Diet Plan for fast fat loss: A sample diet plan

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It is A sample Diet Plan in Keto Diet

First, I want to suggest one thing if anyone in a keto diet after 4-5 days he/she strictly does not eat any carbohydrate. why? this answer I give in my previous article on a keto diet

If you follow the diet plan then you can get 2 benefits—1.continuous fat loss   2.and muscle gain was lean

It is basically a sample diet plan which you can follow…


At first in morning—-start with a glass of water, then if you workout in the morning then eats 2-3 eggs white with whey protein isolate 1scoop…

then go for a workout don’t forget to take water during workout plan…

After the workout—- take a glass of water with some salt then 200-300g chicken with whey isolate/peptide 1.5scoop and some cherry(red cherry)

 lunch—at starting of diet take some brown rice with panner and 1whole egg+ 2egg white with 50g butter.but after 4-5 days when carbohydrate totally off then take 100-200g boiled chicken with paneer and 50g butter

 the evening if you feel hungry—take some cherry

 night—3 egg white with paneer with 200-300g fish and 50g butter and after dinner work for 5-10min then go for sleep

during the whole day—you have to drink minimum 5liter of water


In the morning after breakfast take a calcium tablet with vitamin d3 and k27

and in the night take an omega three

And one more important thing in your cooking oil always use rice bran oil/butter/ghee

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