HGH(Humane Growth Hormone):effect,side effect[full guide]

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Basically hgh is a growth hormone not only for humane also other kind of animal

At first make one thought clear that hgh also form in our body in regular


But in today’s life a lots of people inject in their body the artificial hgh. you can also call it a steroid

Why they hgh take extra—–

Actually its take by the professional bodybuilder during their steroid cycle. and also for the

lack of knowledge today a lots of people take it to get fast growth in their body

How its work in our body—–

during workout our muscle fiber are break and after that when we take protein the muscle get repair

and increase the size of muscle. in this process the body form all people.

But we eat protein and the body break the protein and make glucose NOW THE WORK START
OF GROWTH HORMONE –its transfer the glucose molecule fast in the muscle fiber where the breakdown happen

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Now talk about its effect

1.increase body mass fast

2.some time its little bit glow your skin

However this two is the main effect

On other hand, when we talk about its side effect the list is long—

yet before start side effect make one thing clear its depend on man to man

on other hand, every one does not show the side effect after post cycle therapy…

  • some time its harm your kidney function
  • left some stretch marks in your skin
  • abnormal hormone function
  • makes skin lose after some year
  • in some cases in women their baby born abnormal

Now talk about some extra fact

Above all its is a drug/steroid. except 2-3 country it is a band product

However some time doctors are recommend their patience those have the lake of it 

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