Healthy Breakfast: top 10 healthy breakfast food that you can eat [Full Information]

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Healthy Breakfast: Top 10 Healthy Breakfast Food

Including those food in your daily diet you can get lots of benefits

In the top 10 list at first

1.Boiled Egg–It is a good source of protein. but make sure those people who have a heart problem avoid egg yellow. they can take only egg white

2.Fried Egg—It is same as boiled egg as compare to boiled egg but make sure the oil used during fried is always use rice bran oil/butter

3.Oats—it is the best source of slow absorb carbs and lots of fiber which give you lots of energy

4.Brown Bread—its give you some carbohydrate and some fiber those you can get energy for your daily activity

5.Banana—its give you carbohydrate only

6.Peanut butter—give you some protein and also some fats as well as some carbohydrate

7.Almond—source of saturated fat and some carbohydrate Green Tea—which control your metabolism

9.Orange Juice

10.and the last you can take some mixed fruit

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