GYM WORKOUT CHART: For Moderate Level

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                       GYM WORKOUT CHART

In this article, we are going to talk about a gym workout chart for the moderate level

in short for those people who were going gym past 6-8 month minimum

gym workout chartWe talk about a full body workout plan with target muscle

and the sets with repetition

No 1. For LEG( Quadricep)

Squat(Front Squat, Back Squat, Overhead Squat)

Target muscle-Main target muscle is Quadricep and the assisting muscle is Gluteus maximus and hamstring

Sets-3 reps-8-10

after that, No 2 for Hamstring Muscle

Leg Curl( machine, dumbbell)

Target Muscle—Hamstring group of muscle

Set-3-4 reps-8-10

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After that, No 3 for Chest Muscle

Dumbbell/barbell Decline bench press( -15′ Decline)

Target Muscle—Upper chest(clavicular head), lower chest( sternocostal head)

one thing remember if you do decline bench press properly after that, does not need

to do any other chest press movement, because in decline total chest get trained

Set-3 reps 10-12

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After that, No 4 for biceps-

Biceps Curl with supination—

bicep curl


Target Muscle–Total biceps( Biceps Bracha) and forearm muscle

sets-3 reps-8-10

after that, NO 5 for Triceps

Close grip decline bench press( -15′ decline)

Target Muscle–Triceps all muscle

set-4 reps-8-10

after that, No 6 for abs


Twisted Crunch cum sit-up(ground, decline bench, adjustable bench)

Target muscle– Obliques, quadratus abdomen

And the last for Back Muscle—No 7

wide grip and close grip lat pulldown/chin-up, pull-up

Target Muscle-Lattissimus dorsai, teres major assist by elbow flexor muscle.

if you want to train all back muscle then you have to take one move extra which


In Bent over dumbbell row target muscle is–

lattissimus dorsai, teres major, rare deltoid, rhomboid, the middle fiber of trapezius

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