Five Components of Fitness [Step by step]

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Five Components Of Fitness

It is the article about Five components of Fitness. In this article,

we are going to discuss the five components one by one

List Of Five Components

1.Cardiorespiratory Endurance

after that->

2.Muscular Endurance

after that->

3.Musculoskeletal Strength

after that->


after that->

5.Ideal Body Composition

Therefore now we discuss all five topics one by one

1. Cardiorespiratory Endurance

Cardio respiratory Endurance

It is the Ability of our Heart and Lungs to Provide oxygenated and nutrient

rich blood to the working skeletal Muscle Prolonged Period of time without

getting fatigue.

Which Exercise Improve Cardiorespiratory Endurance

Jogging, Cycling, Swiming, skipping, stair climbing etc

After that No 2. Muscular Endurance—-

muscular endurance



It is the ability of our Muscle to contract sub-maximally for prolong period

of time without getting fatigue……However, Muscular Endurance is activity Specific that

is in developed specifically for the activity being performed to improve Comprehensive

Muscular Endurance we must do Aerobic Exercise In a cross-training manner

similarly— Cross Training—its mean doing Aerobic Activity in a way that involves

both Upper and lower body

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3. Keto diet

After that No 3. Musculoskeletal Strength—-

musculosketal strength It is the ability of our muscle to generate

maximum force against the given load in one contraction

On other hands, it depends On the Combined ability/strength of our muscles, bones, tendon, ligaments

In addition to improving this component, we must do weight training exercise with high intensity

After that, No 4.Flexibility

Flexibility However, It is the ability of our body to archive full and complete

a range of motion around its various joint…

However, it can be improved by doing dynamic stretches/ Mobility Drills.

After that, No 5. Ideal Body Composition—

It is the ability of our body to maintain the ideal ratio between its lean body mass and adipose tissue.

In men, it is considered ideal if their fat percentage between 4-15% of their body weight.

On other Hand, in women, it should be between 8-20% of their body weight

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