Bodybuilding: How to start bodybuilding, what’s the benefits of bodybuilding [Complete guide step by step]

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It is an article about the topic of “Bodybuilding”

At first, we have to understand what is bodybuilding and what is fitness?

while Fitness is normal functioning of the body. in other hands, bodybuilding is the next level of fitness

where you have to carry some weight during exercise and also have to do some cardio training…

Now at first, we talk about basic fitness guide

in basic fitness, we do not have to go for the gym or any fitness classes. at home or any playground doing a basic

activity, we can get the fitness level which needs in day to day life for normal function of the body

On other Hand

When we talk about bodybuilding then you have to go to gym.without gym bodybuilding is not possible

Is only gym/normal fitness activity is enough to get fitness level????

While the answer is absolutely not. Besides fitness activity, we have to follow a strict diet plan

without a proper diet plan, you can’t get the proper level of fitness

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Now the Big Question is If Nutrition is the key factor of fitness then why people go gym or any fitness classes?

Remember one thing in any physical activity our body recruit muscle fiber, then if the activity is hard for the body

like weight training then the muscle fiber break, after that when we come back home and take some protein food

then our body repair those breakdown and by the process of ( hypertrophy) the muscle fiber get bigger

in this process, body make in bodybuilding

Main Problem in Fitness and Bodybuilding

at first, we have to understand to get proper fitness level always need time

Now some people start training with good effort but after a few months they QUIT

The reason is lots–get no result, laking of time, busy in regular life, fell boring in fitness

Actually, they forget the benefits of fitness

Benefits of bodybuilding/Fitness—

1. Get healthy disease free life

2. less metabolic problem

3.anti aging—those people who train long time they look older later as compare

to normal people

4.Degenerative disease away

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