Bicep workout: Only 3 exercise you need for big biceps

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biceps workout: top 3 arms workout that you need

Before the start, I want to clear one thing that in every part of the body you just need to hit target muscle,

on the other hand, many people in the gym floor do 2-3 exercise only for one target muscle

that means they do not do any exercise properly and does not take them to failure .and one more thing in biceps workout list I give only 3 exercise because also have another reason in back exercise biceps also train that’s why after back if we did those three biceps exercise then totally complete

In today’s biceps workout list





1. Biceps Dumbbell curl with supination—

now hare make clear a thought that I suggest

dumbbell curl, not barbell curl why?–Because in every barbell curl always one hand work more than others

that the reason maximum people have one arm more develop than others…

when we use dumbbells both oh hand work separately equal and breakdown also equal then development also equal

Target Muscle–Biceps long head, and short head

no 1. is for 2 muscle than 2. and 3. for other muscle

2.hammer curl—

Target muscle-Brachialis, and brachioradialis

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3.Preacher curl—

however in hare also target muscle is same–both brachialis and brachioradialis

but now we talk about forearms how we can train forearms to use those three exercises?

while the answer is 1. biceps curl with supination notice supination word

when we do supination our total forearms get trained and also train in the hammer curl

yet they also train in any gripping movement

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