Best Supplements for Muscle Growth: Top 5

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In this article, we talk about best supplements for muscle growth top 5

1. On Whey Protein Isolate

—Basically it is a whey  isolate only, and its absorb fast in the body

Price 2500-3000 for 2lbs

2.Procel whey Isolate

— however it is a good product as comparing toon and you can take it 3-4 time in a single day, its price was a little bit high

Price–2kg around 3400-4000

3.Ultimate Nutrition Whey Isolate Prostar

— however, the price is good you can get a good quality of protein with flexible price

Price–5.28 lbs 3500-4500

4.Muscleblaze Whey Gold/ISO zero—

although last three are all foreign brand it is an Indian brand, its price was so reliable, protein quality was amazing, works well, fast absorb in the body

Iso zero was quite expensive but it is the best quality ever in the muscleblaze company and in iso zero except protein other quantity are quite negligible

Price 2lbs–2000-3000

5.Dymatize Iso 100

–yet it is a good quality protein, absorption was amazing, most expensive


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