Belly Fat: How to decrease bally fat fast [full information step by step]

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How To Decrease Belly Fat Fast

At first, I want to clear one thing that if anyone cant avoids oily food and carbohydrate .then belly fat decrease in one word is impossible

Now we talk about how the fat store in our body—

For a whole day when we consume any food the first work in the body the body breaks the food

and make glucose molecule and blood sugar level rise.

next, the body uses that glucose to store the first store in the liver then

store in the muscle cell and finally excess glucose send to adipose tissue(fat cell).

The process has done by insulin. However, carbohydrate is two type one slow absorb and one fast absorb

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When we eat slow absorb carbohydrate in proper quantity the blood sugar level rises slowly

as a result, insulin also release slowly that time excess glucose is not made

In other hands when we eat fast absorb carbohydrate then blood sugar level rise fast

while insulin release more than glucose was sent to a fat cell to stabilize the blood sugar level fast.


Now Talk About Solution–Only One solution proper workout with proper diet …

have to follow the diet which contains no fast absorb carbohydrate

if contain any slow absorb carbohydrate then make sure the

quantity is proper…Hare, I can give all of you a list of some slow and

fast absorb carbohydrate list

FAST ABSORB—Glucon-D, Banana, Mango, Grapes, Chiku

custard, apple, Rice, Maggi, dhosa, edli

SLOW ABSORB–Guava, Pineapple, orange, musambi, papaya, Honey,

Brown Rice, Oats, Ragi, Bajra, Lady Finger

now you can choose food according to your goal

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