Beginner Workout / Beginner full body workout plan

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It is the article about the topic of  BEGINNER WORKOUT PLAN

Beginner always need a full body workout why?

at least three days in a week need a full body workout because their intensity was low and as compare to intermediate and advance their muscle fiber break was low.

as the break is low then recovery time also small.

an example of full body workout only for beginner

set                                      reps

1.bench dumbbell press—————-3————————–10-15 for chest

2.cable cross over———————–3————————–10-15 for chest

3.dumbbell lateral raise—————-3————————–10-15 for deltoid pull down————————–3————————–10-15 for back

5. leg press——————————3—————————10-15 for leg

6.leg curl——————————–3—————————10-15 for leg

7.calf raise——————————3—————————10-15 for calf muscle

8.bicep curl with supination———-3—————————10-15 for biceps muscle

9.cable pushdown———————3—————————-10-15 for tricep muscle