Balance Diet: what is balance diet,why to follow and what is the benefits [FULL GUIDE STEP BY STEP]

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It is the Article about the topic of ‘Balance Diet’

Balance Diet

First, we have to understand what is the Balance Diet, and how the diet plan form—–

Basically, a balanced diet is a diet plan which includes protein, carbohydrate,

and fat almost equal quantity

As an example—suppose protein is 50g in the whole day than on other hand fat is also 50g

then carbohydrate also 50g

Before going to the sample of the Balance diet plan Lets talk about it in details

Balance Diet for those people–who have not any blood sugar problem, heart disease and
also, have not the time to do any fitness activity

What is the profit—Your body gets maintain on an average level

What is the loss—-Your body stores some fat because of the carbohydrate quantity

in the diet. On other hands, If you are the ectomorph category then does not store fat cell in your body

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Now lets about a sample copy of Balance Diet—

In macronutrients—

In the morning—Start with a glass of water then take some oats/musli with 2 boiled egg and some nuts

and protein shake

after 2-3hr if you feel hungry take some brown bread with butter

In lunch—some brown rice with Dal/chana/panner with some chicken

evening–green tea and sugar-free biscuit

In the Dinner–2-3 Roti with chicken/fish and 20-30g of butter if you use butter during the cooking

then no need to take extra 20-30g butter in dinner

After dinner walk, 5-10minutes then take a sleep at least for 8hr

on other hands in micronutrients—

In the morning after breakfast take a calcium table 500mg with

vitamin D3

In Night Before sleep–Take an omega-3 fish oil capsule

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