Back workouts: Top 5 back exercise

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In this Article, we talk about top 5 back workouts and their target muscle

back workouts

In the top 5 list

No 1 in back workouts is Deadlift—-

Target muscle —specially eractor spinae group of muscle and multifidus muscle

Joint Movements--knee extension and hip extension

After that No 2. Bent over rows—for fat people get bent over barbell row but for normal people

get bent over dumbbell rows

Target muscle—latissimus dorsai, teres major, the middle fiber of trapezius muscle, rhomboid muscle, posterior deltoid,

Joint Movements—shoulder extension,elbow flexion,scapulae retraction,shoulder hyper-extension

Now lets talk about why for fat people is barbell?

Because the range of motion decrease in dumbbell

After that No 3 is Wide grip lat pull down/wide grip pull ups

both exercise are same function and targeting muscle are also same

Target Muscle—Latissimus dorsai, teres major

Joint Movements–Shoulder adduction and elbow flexion

After that No 4 is Shrugs 

Target muscle is levator scapulae and upper fiber of trapezius

Joint Movements–Scapulae elevation

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After that back exercise No 5. Seated row/supported row

Target Muscle—same as No 3

Joint movements–same as No 3

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